Can Data Be Recovered From an Erased Hard Disk Drive?

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Each incident of sensitive personal data found on computer hard drives, whether famous or bank records of account information from government, the debate on removing the hard drive heats up.

The removal of data from computer systems is an area where the scare stories often occur. Statements like “you can not remove all data from hard drive” has been done on famous people in the world of cheap toronto data recovery and computer forensics.

Is it true that you can not clean the data from a hard drive? And forensic experts can recover data in chicago Spooks government, regardless of what data erasure technique has been applied?

What is the cancellation of the hard drive?

Pure data erasure is where a dedicated mechanism to activate degauss all bits on a magnetic material, so that no trace of data remains. Data erasure software does not actually delete it replaces the data with other data, it deletes the information that you no longer wish to be saved.

Why Erase Data?

Deleted files on your hard disk is not in most cases, you do anything about it will simply remove the label, which tells the operating system, where the data is, and in some cases, leave all your data storage in place and only those records that the file has been removed.

The data itself is still present until the space is occupied is reused.

Moreover, the data files are often stored in temporary memory. Most operating systems use caches, areas where data is accessed, stored temporarily, the Windows swap file, as a good example of that.

Data erasure software is designed for a replacement for a careful and thorough the information stored.

Degaussing is the best approach?

Demagnetization associated with putting the hard drive moving the magnetic field is strong enough to realign the molecules, and delete data.

At first glance appears to be the method that gives the greatest certainty that the data has disappeared.

There are two aspects to consider

First, the demagnetization removes not only data but also information that is written to disk during manufacture, when formatting the disk. You can not go to this information and the disc will not work and therefore can not be reused.

Secondly, because the disk does not work anymore, you do not have the opportunity to check that the data were deleted. If the equipment did not work on specific Degaussing, and practices were not followed correctly, so maybe not everything has been removed. Even worse, perhaps a process did not work at all and really damaged the disk from the computer or some other time before the process of demagnetization.

It is possible that all or part of the data and is a process of cheap toronto data recovery can retrieve it.

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Is this disk erasure software the answer?

Hard drive data stored in named sections sectors, in general, each is 512 bytes long. These are all available for reading and writing through the hard drive interface (IDE, SATA, SCSI). It is therefore possible to replace data in any sector and then erase all data.

Well, not quite everyone. To avoid problems caused by industries that can not be used during normal operation, hard disk maintains a set of spare sectors. Your hard drive is actually 160 and some 160 additional spare them you can not access. If when you try to write to disk is a hard drive failure may redistribute by one of his spare sectors and remove the failed use. This redistribution was recorded in a table known as the G-List, or grown defect list.

It is theoretically possible for a sector in which data could not be written to still play, but a deep knowledge of electronics and technology hard disk cheap toronto data recovery is needed. What is the probability that this could happen and if it did, if recovered sectors would actually contain something of importance is difficult to judge. I consider that the probability of being very low.

A more widespread problem, in my experience is that the data removal process is not controlled.

If you do a cursory inspection of a disk where the first thousands of sectors have been overwritten with random gibberish, and each sector has been overwritten, you will notice very little difference. Try restarting your computer and you will get some sort of error message about the operating system not found.

An employee to delete records that have either a lack of care or other priorities, may determine that it can quickly erase the home of some of the albums of lots to save a little time and no s to perceive. I have seen many examples of this in the validation tests on the disks removed.

You may have records that appear to be deleted, but were not.

This is a problem with the use of data destruction software? Not really, it’s a problem with the process and attention to detail. If the processes are monitored and recorded properly then there should be no problem. Do not rely on technology at the expense of sound procedures.

Deleted data can be recovered hard drive?

Look at the forums and you will probably find some comments on the government could probably get the data back, but the reality is that there is no geek or types Boffin evil genius who can defy the laws of physics. The stories about the use of electron microscopes to work on the infinitesimal differences between the data bits, then determine what has been recorded before is fiction and not science fiction, even.

I was once asked how many recording layers, we can work back through. No layers, a recording, and when there is a change, then it is still only a recording.

The older discs have a method that could be used to try to get information to parents, but this was based on agreements a little ‘vague, so some of the data has not been fully replaced. Although nothing could ever see the chance to turn it back into something useful was zero, and modern high-density equipment is likely to be zero.

What kind of data destruction is performed?

First, make sure you have a process that can be easily monitored and controlled properly.

Secondly, using a reliable software to perform the removal.

Third, if the sensitivity is an important thing, getting some third-party testing process to validate it.

Forget science fiction, set the first process.

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