Dental Surgery in Dogs

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Just as people need to take care of their teeth, pet owners and managers are trying to treat canines and maintain their oral health as well. Animal dentistry and oral surgery specialists of Wisconsin recommends that dog owners brush their dog’s teeth at least twice a week. Avoid this can lead to serious problems, such as requiring dental surgery. Veterinary dental oral surgery in dogs.

  1. Types

    • According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80 percent of the canines develop gum disease at the age of 3 Periodontal disease is a major cause of dental problems in dogs, which often leads to surgery. As plaque and tartar deposits from the dog, gum inflammation and infection of tissues supporting the tooth. Periodontal disease associated with inflammation, bleeding, receding gums, bad breath and tooth loss. Oral veterinarians also take care of your teeth, fractures, cavities, oral cancer, jaw fractures, contusions and lacerations inside the mouth and throat.

    Exam & Surgery

    • When you make a dental surgery in dogs, veterinarians will give the dog under general anesthesia. This allows the veterinarian to give the dog a thorough oral. The veterinarian will evaluate your gums, teeth and the extent of scale buildup, trash bags, gingivitis and plaque on the gums. The veterinarian will determine the protocol that is required – either cleaning or tooth extraction. Using a special tool for cleaning, tartar removed from teeth and gums. Continue to clear the depth of the rubber bag to the plague and tartar buildup. Using a dental polish and toothpaste for dogs, polish and clean teeth.

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      If signs of severe dental disease, dental surgery may be necessary. This includes tooth extraction, root canals and filling teeth rotten. All options must be discussed with your veterinarian. Ask your veterinarian about new techniques that allow surgeons to keep the dog’s teeth instead of removing them. After dental surgery, oral surgeon will prescribe an antibiotic and a painkiller for your dog for a short time.


    • The American Society of Veterinary Dental said it is extremely important that owners take their dogs to the vet for a regular dental cleaning to keep teeth clean. In addition, your veterinarian can recommend a program at home oral hygiene that would require brush your dog twice a week. Because food is an important factor in the development of gum disease in dogs, avoid feeding your pet foods and sticky sweet. Instead, choose to give your dog, crunchy kibble and chew support the teeth cleaning for your dog when he chews on them. Frank JM Verstraete, University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, there are many diet foods on the market specifically formulated to give your dog dental insurance they need and reduces the risk of gum disease more later.


    • Just like your own teeth, there are serious consequences if you fail to maintain good oral hygiene for your dog. In addition to giving your dog bad breath, periodontal disease can cause bacteria and toxins into the bloodstream, which seriously affect the internal organs of the body. Owners should consider a dental surgery for their dog because it can slow the spread of periodontal disease, if not stop it.


    • You can help protect many vital internal organs of your dog as it grows the protection of their “smile.” According to Box Hill Veterinary Hospital, such as dental bacteria begins to spread, can cause an infection in the liver, kidneys and heart valves in dogs. Do not underestimate the importance of good dental program house, and in some cases, dental surgery, as it could save your dog’s health, teeth and life.

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