How to Recover a PowerPoint File

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The loss of PowerPoint files after working on them for hours can cause a lot of unwanted stress. But the good news is that you do not need to start over. PowerPoint has an auto recovery tool that allows users to recover files that have been closed without saving, or lost due to unexpected errors. While working in PowerPoint, the program of monitoring all the changes since the file was saved to a temporary file that can be recovered. (PC inspector cheap toronto file recovery)


  1. Retrieving a PowerPoint file using the AutoRecover bar

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      (PC inspector cheap toronto file recovery) Click Start, click Programs, then click on “MS Office PowerPoint.”

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      Take the car to retrieve PowerPoint, open PowerPoint and click “Microsoft” in the upper left corner of PowerPoint. Opens. Scroll to the bottom of the menu.

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      Click “PowerPoint Options.” Click “Save” in the sidebar and select “Save AutoRecover information every x minutes.” Fill in how often you want to save the PowerPoint file as you work. The shorter the time frame you specify, the less data is lost if recovery is necessary.

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      Click on the version of the file you want to return to rebuild the file. version of “restored” to the file that contains the latest changes to the file “original” next to the title. Message asking if you want to replace the existing file. Select “YES” and a copy of the file is saved.

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      Click the version you want to record on the panel “Document Recovery” PC and click “Save As.” Type a new name for the file and click “Save.” Unless you rename the file, which will overwrite any previous version you have stored on your system.

    Retrieving a PowerPoint file by searching versions automatically saved

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      Click “Start” and select “MyComputer. “Click” Search “and select” Files or Folders. “Double-click your hard drive.

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      Type ppt *. tmp “in the search box that appears in the upper right corner of your window. Hit “Enter” key on your keyboard. The hard disk will now search for all PowerPoint files saved. When the scan is complete, the recovered files PowerPoint will be displayed.

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      Find the file you are working, and right click. Select “Rename” and change the extension of the temporary file. “Ppt”.

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      Open the file you renamed in PowerPoint by double clicking it. Open the File menu and click “Save.”

    Restoration of a PowerPoint file has been overwritten

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      Open the Start menu. Select “Programs” and click “Accessories.” Click “System Tools.” Scroll down to “System Restore” and click it. System Restore window opens.

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      Click “Next.” Select a restore point prior to when you think your highlighting file is overwritten.

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      Save and close any open files, you can work with them. System Restore will need to restart for the restoration to take place.

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      Click “Finish”. Your system will begin its restoration process. Restart the computer when prompted to do so.

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      Find the file is being restored by using your Windows search tool. Enter all or part of the file name in the search box and press “Enter.”

Tips & Warnings

  • While working in PowerPoint, you can try to save the changes you’ve made your file often. AutoRecover is not a substitute for backing up your data.

  • Be sure to insert the selected file in PowerPoint (. Ppt) expansion, or may become inaccessible.

  • Give your file a new name if you want to keep both files using the method of system recovery.

  • Any change in the system during the date and time of restoration will be lost if you use System Restore.

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