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Ontrack Easy Recovery – a very effective program of well-known developer. It is distributed on a commercial base. It can be installed and run on Windows, or can be run at startup from a bootable floppy disk (previously created in Windows). In the floppy drive using case the hard disk with the operating system is not required. Thus, no special tricks required, you can restore information from the disk on which the OS has failed. Only file system is required. Easy Recovery capabilities is similar to PC Inspector File Recovery tool, but the mechanism of search and recovery of lost information is much better, so this program can easily recover lost files that File Recovery does not even see. Easy Recovery interface is very simple and convenient. The program works in step by step wizard way. After a launch and a brief scan the program displays the structure of all detected drives and logical drives with their parameters and size.

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Ontrack Easy Recovery It is noteworthy that there are immediately determined deleted from the physical disk partitions, invisible to the OS. The beginning of the recovering data from hard drive can be started on the first step. After selecting a specific section on the hard drive you can go to the next step. In the best case, the program defines the parameters of the selected logical drive immediately. If something is incorrect, you can use “Advanced options” and determine the options manually. In case of difficulty, the program itself goes to the Advanced section, specifies the options and offers the user a choice of other parameters. In this case it is better to specify advanced scanning mode “Advanced Scan”, but the type of the file system you have to specify manually.2 Ontrack Easy Recovery Next, run scan disk to find a lost item of information. It will take some time. The final stage is the list of all detected disk files, which can theoretically be recovered.3 Ontrack Easy Recovery Despite of the fact that you are working in Windows, the names of the detected files and directories are abbreviated to eight characters (like DOS). The directory names also can be changed and look like “Dir#”. To save the files and directories it is enough to check them in the checkboxes, the path of recovering is given in a string Destination. You need to save information on any visible and working partition located on the same or another drive. In the process of saving the names are restored, if possible, to its full length. 4 Ontrack Easy Recovery Separately, we should mention the program from a bootable floppy. The floppy disk is created in: Start – Programs – Easy Recovery – Make Emergency Boot Diskette. Interface with of the boot floppy tool is identical to its Windows-analog and has the same features, except that now the names of files and directories in the recovery are always reduced to eight characters. The boot floppy can help you the operating system and even the entire FAT on the hard disk are damaged and there is no standard way to boot. If this hard disk has run able sections where there is no valuable data lost, then you can store there the restored information. Otherwise it is necessary to connect a second hard drive. However, in case you can not connect a second drive and all sections of hard drive are damaged, there still remains the way to save the restored information to the floppy. Also, after all the operations completed and the discovery of the lost data by using Easy Recovery Emergency Boot Diskette has ended, then boot floppy can be removed from the drive and a clean one can be inserted in its place. Then you can store the data on it. The stuff will not be lost, because at this time the program is already in the computer’s memory. Well, Ontrack Easy Recovery is one of the most convenient and easiest to use tool to recover lost information. Again, there are no guarantees that all detected during the scan files can be stored correctly to other place. It depends on many factors.

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